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PALAVAS hotel "green & clean"


A "PALAVAS HOTEL GREEN & CLEAN" referent is designated in the establishment and is responsible for deploying health security measures, training staff, enforcing them and responding to controls by authorities,

Have specific protocols in place for facility staff who may show signs of covid-19 infection and apply these protocols without delay (ie denying access to people with symptoms of illness such as coughing , temperature, loss of smell, taste, questioning employees when they take up their position, informing high-risk employees that they must not work and must have a sick leave.

Apply in situ control measures for suppliers or stakeholders (artisans, etc.) who would have to enter the establishment. "As far as possible", these protocols must also be applied to customers in case of doubt or obvious respiratory symptoms (temperature taken via remote thermometer, with alert beyond 38 degrees) ... and application of strict social distancing from employees, suppliers and customers ...

Intensification of hygiene measures in common areas with cleaning done up to 4 times a day,

Establish a precise procedure in the event of a proven case of covid-19 in the establishment and trace in a register all the methods and all the cases listed in the establishment since the re-opening,

Commit to respecting the measures imposed by the government; whether it be the initial measures or those to come,

the establishment must set up a system which allows (inside and at the entrance of the establishment) to manage customer flows and ensure rapid rotation of customers at counters; while ensuring significant social distancing,dans les espaces communs comme les halls d'accueil, une distance d'au moins 1,50 mètre doit être imposée entre chaque place assise sans pour autant interdire aux groupes familiaux de se tenir côte à côte, 

  • In practice: plexiglass glass at reception, physical distance of 1.50 m, breakfast service in the room or "to take away" in the morning at the reception, general wearing of a mask for staff, wearing of gloves and gown for use unique for our maids, presence of hydroalcoholic gel at the reception, notice informing you when and how the room was cleaned, no reclining service during your stay.

Regarding disinfection protocols : the reception hall, the reception counter, all public areas, elevators with disinfection of all buttons, all the doors of the establishment with their handles, the stairs and their handrails, of course the toilets, spa, gym and pool spaces the breakfast room, and, more generally, all common rooms.




For many years now, we have favored "green" gestures. We have implemented ecological gestures and we continue to do so ... Here are our actions:

  • Water savers, LED or low voltage bulbs, a central thermostat for heating (winter), selective sorting for packaging, batteries, glass, paper, ink cartridges, bulbs ... We only clean your sheets and towels if you wish, The air conditioning / heating in the unoccupied rooms is cut, no pesticides in our garden ...

  • AND we USE ONLY ECOLOGICAL CLEANING PRODUCTS for surfaces, for washing towels, for washing dishes,

  • AND we favor local suppliers: baker from Montpellier or closer, French-made products (bathroom / bath towels), our painter is from Palavas, our electrician is from Palavas, 

  • AND we prefer to recruit locally,

  • AND we spontaneously offer walks, bike rides, nautical activities (sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, paddle, kayak ...), outdoor sports (beach soccer, pétanque ...), observation fauna (flamingo, marsh birds), flora ...

  • AND we highlight a lot of hikes all around Palavas (more than 250 differents !)
  • AND we have all types of public transport as well as timetables
    hôtel vert respectant la nature et son environnement 
    So, we like the TRUE, the HEALTHY, the LOCAL